Help And Advice

How Can I Order ?
You can place an order for either collection or delivery in many ways. You can order on our fully functional website, you can contact us through social media, drop us an e mail or give us a call. You can even just pop in our shop. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

How Do I Pay ?
If ordering through the website then the site will take your card details. We do not see these details they are processed by our online merchant provider Worldpay. If you wish to order over social media we can send you a payment link to pay through Worldpay or we can send you bank details to complete a BACS transfer. If ordering instore we accept most credit and debit cards. Once your order is processed we destroy you card details for security.

When Do I Pay ?
If ordering online you pay in full at the point of order, or pay upon collection by card or cash.

How Long Will My Balloons Last ?
There are many variables to this question. For example a standard helium filled latex balloon will float for 6-8 hours but an air filled bubble balloon in a display may last months. If you would like to know how long your particular design should last do not be afraid to ask. However bare in mind that it any balloon becomes a toy then its lifespan maybe minutes.

Will My Balloons Be Arranged ?
Whilst we do sell some uninflated balloons, any balloon design you purchase will be fully assembled and inflated when you collect or we deliver. All balloon designs are custom made to order. We then pop them in a bag to protect them from the elements. If collecting balloons from us please listen to any advice given to you by our team as to how best to look after them.

Do You Sell Uninflated Balloons ?
We do . We sell world leading decorating quality balloons. We sell Qualatex and Sempertex Balloons. These are available online or instore.

Will You Inflate My Balloons I have bought on eBay ?
Yes we do. Sometimes balloons purchased cheaply online are not of the best quality, are not always tested to UK standards. We do offer disposable helium tanks that you can purchase to inflate them.

Cost To Inflate Helium Balloons ?

Prices start from £3.00 to £9.50 depend on the balloon and size, contact us for more information on 07850 733 279.

What Training Do You Have ?
As a business I am a  full time balloon designer and accredited with the CBA recognition. ( Certified Balloon Artist ) . As part of our ongoing training we sometimes travel all over the UK to heighten our skill set. We believe that training and experience is integral to being in the balloon business. Trends are always changing as are techniques. Continual training ensure we stay at the top of our game.